Visa Classic Debit Card


The key to your money

The NBK Visa Classic debit card is available to all customers holding an account with NBKI PLC in London, subject to status. Your debit card enables you to access your money from any NBK ATM in the UK or abroad, and also from other banks' ATMs locally and worldwide which have the Visa signage.
For more information please visit an NBK Branch or call +44 (0) 20 7224 2277


  • Safety & Security – Your NBK Visa debit card saves you from the hassle of carrying cash
  • Convenience – Your card allows you the convenience and flexibility to withdraw cash at over one million ATMs across 162 countries, and to shop at over 32 million locations worldwide.

Important tips from NBK

  • It is essential that you sign your card as soon as you receive it.
  • Be cautious when using an ATM. Enter your PIN in such a way that no one can memorize your keystrokes.
  • Always take your receipt – never leave it behind at the ATM. Your discarded receipt could make you vulnerable to fraud. Also, don't throw out your debit card statements, receipts or carbon copies without shredding them first.
  • Think twice when using your card on the phone. Never give your card number over the telephone unless you initiated the call.
  • Even when you place a call to a legitimate merchant, never give out your card number over a cordless phone or a mobile phone. One common scam is when someone calls you back right after you placed an order, and claims to be the merchant. The person will tell you that there was a problem with your card number, and asks you to provide your card number again. Play safe by asking that person to read out the card number that they have, and then you can change any incorrect numbers.
  • Ignore any card offers that require you to spend money upfront or fail to disclose the identity of the bank offering the card.
  • Make certain that you get your card back after you make a purchase (one good habit to observe is to leave your wallet open in your hand until you have your card back). Also, make sure that you keep any void or cancelled charge slips.
  • Always keep handy a list of your cards, card numbers and toll-free phone numbers, including NBK’s phone numbers, in case your card is lost or stolen. When calling NBKI PLC please dial + 44 (0) 20 7224 2277.
  • Please refer to your NBKI PLC account terms and conditions for more detailed information about querying transactions and claiming refunds, and liability for unauthorized transactions.