NBKI London Tariff

Tariff of Charges - London

Outward Payments

UK Transfers Sterling £30 or $50
Other currencies £35 or $60
International Transfers In currency of country £25 or $40
Not in currency of country £35 or $60
Sterling or foreign currency draft £20 or $35
Query message on outward payment £20 or $35
Standing Order Free
Set up of Direct Debit Free

Inward Payments

Funds received for credit to accounts Free

Personal/Bank Cheques

Personal/Bank Cheque sent for collection
(Correspondent bank charges may also be levied)
£25 or $40
Unpaid cheque or Direct Debit £25 (Note information below regarding the Monthly Cap)
Unpaid return of deposited cheque £25
Stop payment of individual cheque £25
Stop payment of lost/stolen cheque book £25

Online Banking Services

UK Transfers Sterling £15 or $25
International Transfers to NBK Offices £20 or $35

Overdraft Facilities

Unarranged   All currencies  20% p.a. (21.94% E.A.R) (Note information below regarding the Monthly Cap)
Arranged            Rates by agreement

Monthly cap 
The monthly cap on unarranged overdraft charges for personal current accounts is £100 for accounts held with National Bank of Kuwait (International) PLC, London. 

1. The cap applies to charges made for: 

(a) going overdrawn when you, the account holder, have not arranged an overdraft; or 
(b) going over/past your arranged overdraft limit (if you have one). 

2. This cap covers any: 

(a) interest and fees for going over/past your arranged overdraft limit; 
(b) fees for each payment your bank allows despite lack of funds; and 
(c) fees for each payment your bank refuses due to lack of funds 

Note that the monthly cap does not apply to business current accounts and/or current accounts held by companies and other corporate bodies.  It also does not apply to personal current accounts held with National Bank of Kuwait (International) PLC Paris.

Travellers Cheques
Encashment 1.00% (min £10)

Foreign Currencies

Purchase/Sale of all major currencies 1% (min £3)
Deposit/Withdrawal 0.50% / 0.25%

Safe Deposit Boxes

 Annual rental Small £150
  Medium £200
   Large  £300
 Short term rental (up to 3 months)
   Small  £35
   Medium  £45

Visa Debit Card

Annual fee per card £35
Replacement of lost/stolen card £35

Other Services

Annual fee for automatic inter-account transfer
(To cover account activity)
Copy cheques/letters/statements/advices £5 per item
Certificate of balance £15

Please take note as follows :

E.A.R. stands for Equivalent Annual Rate and represents the annual cost of an overdraft taking into account how often interest is charged to the account.  It does not reflect other fees or charges.

National Bank of Kuwait (International) PLC reserves the right to amend, add to or cancel its charges at any time, subject to applicable regulations. 

Charges will be applied immediately, at the time of each relevant transaction.
Charges for payments and transfers subject to the Payment Services Regulations 2009 will be additional to, and must not be deducted from, the amount due to the recipient in each case.

Tariff revised: September 2017